Roma Show

Letter From The President

Welcome to the 2023 Roma Show!

This year 2023, the Roma Show enters its 139th year.  Like the climate it is ever changing and as a committee we rise to face the challenges.

We have faced co-vid, wet weather and now an economic slowdown.  Each of these events and the New Year’s Eve celebration that was poorly supported, as well as astronomical rises in insurance have affected the bottom line of our bank balance in 2023.  Faced with this, the wonderful committee members have rallied together to change, re-model and move ahead with the 2023 Roma Show.  We are doing what we do best- running a great agricultural show.

We cannot thank enough the sponsors who have answered the call and provided the many sections of our show with the financial support needed to fund prizemoney and trophies, judges expenses and accommodation. These are all required to run a successful show, a show that not only local competitors but many from afar feel they MUST attend.

Local and locally operating businesses are the lifeblood of organisation’s such as ours and it is pleasing to see the faith and support, they have for the area, year after year.  We urge patrons to thank these sponsors for their endorsement of our community.

The Roma Show Society is grateful for the continued assistance provided by the Maranoa Regional Council. Visitors to the Working Dog arena will be pleasantly surprised with the renovations and painting of the arenas.  Our User Group Agreement clearly lists the many jobs previously done by the show volunteers that will be carried out by the council.  We appreciate the consideration given to the show, especially so close to all the work done by workers for Easter in the Country.  It is a refreshing to work with council and be part of the planning of future projects that benefit not only us but the whole community in a timely and efficient manner.  Thank you to the Bassett Park staff for your assistance again this year.

This year we welcome the Qld Country Showjumping Championships.  We thank Equestrian Qld for the belief in our ability to again run an event of this stature.  We welcome riders from many parts of Australia for this event and we welcome our new showjumping steward Darcy Short (Emery) for her baptism of fire! 

The economic climate and the change of dates this years makes us feel a little apprehensive with regard travelling competitors and animals.  To those who do come to our show, locally or from away, we thank you.  We hope that you are successful and enjoy your stay. 

I look forward to visiting our cattle section, our sheep judging and working dogs.  I also am eager to view the pampered pooches, the show dogs.  This year we have moved them to a more prominent position between the sheep and poultry pavilions.  They will be judged on Saturday.  On Friday the arena will be used for the Pet Parade, where pets of all shapes, sizes and colours are adjudicated upon.

Rather than have a pavilion vacant, the Horticulture and Farm and Garden sections have decided to trial a new location.  They will this year be located in the Wool Court, behind the Fashion Parade area.  This has allowed us to provide more space for the school display, which will be located under the grandstand.  They will share the area with the wonderful Roma History Society.

Revamped schedules and many new faces will be seen running the Art, Photography, Cookery and Handicraft sections.  More space in that pavilion will allow for better presentation.  These volunteers have been working hard to put on this display. I hope that many will say hello and show your appreciation for their efforts. 

A new show section displaying metalwork has been added.  I look forward to being amazed at what skills and talent we have in the district.   This section like many others encourages the younger residents of our community to show their skills and talents, their creativity and giftedness. 

We desire that all children have the opportunity to take part in any section of our show and encourage them to also take part in the volunteering and the comradery that IS, being part of an organisation that works for the community.

Enjoy the atmosphere.  Live a little, learn a little more.  Relish the time with your family, your friends and the selfless members of this community who organize an event such as this.

Welcome to the 2023 Roma Show.

Alanah Ladbrook

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